Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines, flat bed 2D industrial lasers have become very popular, with a ever increasing number of metalworking workshops
realising the excellence that industrial fiber laser cutting machine technology offers.

Our range offers available powers of 2Kw to 10Kw. automatic load, unload operation, or a larger single sheet radial loader.

A fiber laser cutting resonator generates
light beams with banks of diodes

The high-power laser beams are then focused into one single beam via a calculator unit, nthe light-heat beam is then absorbed into the surface of the material to create the cut, assist gases are, nitrogen or oxygen

If you are interested in fiber laser cutting machinery to enhance your
production rates, product quality, then we invite you to take a look at our fiber laser cutting machinery as detailed below.

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Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery

Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery supplied by JPS Machinery Ltd
are supported with a reliable package of: Delivery to your works gates, actual off loading, site positioning, commissioning, operator ‘machine function’, training. 2-3 years parts & labour warranty, ongoing telephone assistance, on site technical assistance.

During the Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery delivery & installation
We are responsible for: machinery movement insurance, public liability insurance
[our insurance policies can be viewed on our home page]

All Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are fully supported by our service team,
probably the largest independent dealer service team in the UK
experienced, reliable, professional.

JPS Machinery Ltd the go-to company for Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery