Metal cutting guillotines & shearing metal cutters supplied by JPS Machinery Ltd are supported with a reliable package of:

  • Delivery to your works gates, actual off loading, site positioning,
    commissioning, operator ‘machine function’, training.
  • 2-3 years parts & labour warranty, ongoing telephone assistance, on site technical assistance.

All Metal Cutting Guillotines are fully supported by our service team: probably the largest independent dealer service team in the UK.

Experienced, reliable, professional.

JPS Machinery Ltd – the go-to company for Metal Cutting Guillotines

Metal Cutting Guillotines

Metal Cutting Guillotines, hydraulic or mechanical, cutting actions, swing beam, variable rake, vertical action

‘Swing Beam’ cutting action, the top blade is a fixed ‘rake’ angle of 1.5°-2.75° model dependant
‘Vertical Variable Rake’ cutting action, allows the top blade angle, the ‘rake’ to be a variable angle, 0.5°-3°
giving the operator the ability to lower the blade cutting angle ‘rake’ to reduce the curl of the cut piece.
‘Vertical’ cutting action Mechanical guillotines [DD], the top blade generally has a fixed ‘rake’ angle of circa 1.5°
The higher the cutting ‘rake’ angle the more
‘curl’ on the cut piece.

Within our range of metal cutting guillotines there are many production enhancing extra options, to allow customising of the metal cutting guillotine to individual specification requirements.

If you are searching for metal cutting guillotine that offers impressive performance with optimum value-specification, then please browse our comprehensive range of metal cutting guillotines below.

All metal cutting guillotines are fully supported by our service team,
probably the largest independent dealer service team in the UK
Experienced, reliable, professional

Metal Cutting Guillotines

During the Metal Cutting Guillotines delivery & installation
We are responsible for: machinery movement, public liability insurance
[our insurance policies can be viewed on our home page]