Press Brakes

Press Brakes: precision metal bending machinery, bending of sheet metal, or heavier bending of steel plates for fabrication workshops.

Available capacities

Sheet metal bending or heavier plate bending: 30 to 3000 tons
Bending lengths: 1100 to 12100 mm

Press Brakes model options are:

Hydraulic synchronised – Electric synchronised – small press brake
Tandem Press Brake synchronised – for metal bending of long lengths
Hydraulic ‘Torsion Bar’ system

Press brakes with options of up to 8 automatic axis

CNC controllers choose from:

with 2D or 3D graphic visualization – offline programming.
Controller demo, no problem – just ask !

Operator Press Brake front guarding options are:-
AKAS II-F Laser or Infra red beam,
Rear entry guarding ‘electric barrier’

Many production enhancing options are available therefore customising Press Brakes to your company’s specification is no problem!

If you are searching for a sheet metal bending machine – heavy plate bending machine i.e. Press Brakes that offer impressive performance with optimum value-specification, then please browse our comprehensive range of Press Brakes.

All Press Brakes – metal bending machinery is fully supported by our in house service team,we have probably the largest independent dealer service team in the UK
warranty cover, breakdown, service call out ongoing telephone support, operator training. Experienced, Reliable, Professional.

Press Brakes, metal bending machinery sheet metal or heavier plate for fabrication. All bending machines supplied by JPS Machinery Ltd
are supported with a reliable package of:
Delivery to your works gates, actual off loading, site positioning,
commissioning, operator ‘machine function’, training.
2-3 years parts & labour warranty, on site technical assistance,
ongoing telephone assistance.

During the Press Brakes delivery & installation
We are responsible for:- machinery movement & public liability insurance
[our insurance policies can be viewed on our home page]

All Synchronised Press Brakes are fully supported by our
in-house service team, we have probably the  largest i
ndependent dealer service team in the UK,
warranty cover, breakdown, service call out’s, ongoing telephone support, operator training
‘experienced, reliable, professional’

JPS Machinery Ltd – The go-to company for all your metal bending Press Brakes requirements.